Principal Investigators
Position Group Leader of the Laboratory of Nucleic Acids Structures and Repair
Research fields Genome stability, genome regulation, DNA replication, DNA recombination, DNA damage and repair
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  • Katrin Paeschke obtained her PhD degree at the University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. H. J. Lipps and Dr. D. Rhodes (MRC, LMB Cambridge, UK). During her PhD time she analysed the formation and regulatory role of a specific kind of DNA structure called G-quadruplex at telomeres in the cell. During her postdoctoral research time in the lab of Dr. V. Zakian at Princeton University (USA) she studied the role of the DNA helicase Pif1 in G-quadruplex unwinding in vivo. In 2012 Katrin Paeschke started her own laboratory at the University of Wuerzburg (Germany) with the support of a prestigious German fellowship (Emmy Noether, DFG). Her research focuses on the two faces of G-quadruplex structures: the genome stability versus the genome instability G-quadruplexes can provide. In 2016 she joined the ERIBA where she will continue her research on G-quadruplex structures and their impact on genome stability and ageing.

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    • Bochman ML, Paeschke K, Chan A, Zakian VA. (2014) Hrq1, a Homolog of Human RecQ4 Helicase, Acts Catalytically and Structurally to Promote Genome Integrity. Cell Reports.
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    • Juranek S.A., Paeschke K. (2012) Cell Cycle Regulation of G-quadruplex DNA Structures at Telomeres. Current Pharmaceutical Design
    • Paeschke, K, Capra, J.A, Zakian V.A. (2011) DNA replication through G-quadruplex motifs is promoted by the S. cerevisiae Pif1 DNA helicase. Cell.
    • Capra, J.A., Paeschke, K., Singh, M. and Zakian, V.A. (2010) G-quadruplex DNA sequences are evolutionarily conserved and associated with distinct genomic features in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PLoS Comput Biol.
    • Paeschke, K., McDonald, K.R. and Zakian, V.A. (2010) Telomeres: Structures in need of unwinding. FEBS Lett.
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