The Skolkovo Center for Stem Cell Research

Thirteen scientists will be involved in setting up the new stem cell research institute and will be providing the stem cell institute with expertise in the area of education, research and start-up companies. In addition, they will help with the recruitment and selection of Russian and international biology and bioinformatics students and junior researchers. These students and junior researchers will be trained in the laboratories of the scientists who work for the partner institutes, before moving on to work in Skolkovo. A graduate programme for stem cell biology is also being established.

Researchers in the new stem cell institute will work on various research lines, including identifying and isolating adult stem cells from tissues and organs, producing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) and reprogramming cells. Designing stem cell models for research into neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and auto-immune diseases will eventually lead to new stem cell treatment and drugs for patients.

[[Research questions about stem cells

How to reprogram?
How to maintain?
How to manipulate genetically?
How to differentiate?
Genome integrity?
Epigenic signature?
How to identify, isolate?
What are pluripotency maintenace programs?
How to expand cells in vitro?
What are differentiation programs?


[[Applications of stem cells

Disease-in-a-dish models
Drug discovery
Functional activity in vivo


[[Impact on SkTech

Faculty and facilities development
Graduate Program “Stem Cell Biology”
Cross-center collaborations


[[Impact on Russia

Leading authority on stem cell issues
Source of innovative technologies for human health


[[Global Impact

Disease mechanisms and treatments
Novel pharmaceuticals
Novel stem-cell based treatments


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