The Outreach Committee ERIBA is in various different ways, responsible for sharing the scientific findings that are made in ERIBA with society at large. There are many different ways that this could/should be done, ranging from public talks, hosting students, offering tours, writing lay men’s articles, organizing events, etc.

Tasks: Newsletter, Social Media, Website, Event Organization, Tours to the building, Science Hall, Printing Materials, Seminar Series, Liason with the media, ERIBA Retreat, Friends of ERIBA and Highschool Projects.

Members of the committee in alfabetic order: Anita Pras, Anton Steen, Britt Sterken, Eleni Fitsiou, Gerald de Haan, Jakub Wudarski, Jaskaren Kohli, Judith Paridaen, Katya Dvorianinova, Megha Pandey-Upadhyay, Stijn Mouton and Sylvia Hoks.

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