The Outreach Committee ERIBA is active in sharing our science with society at large. We do this in several ways, ranging from public talks, hosting students, offering tours, writing laymen’s articles, organizing events, contributing to local science fairs, and opening our institute doors during Zpannend Zernike! We also update ERIBA’s website and social media accounts.




Some examples of our activities are the ERIBA Career Days (http://eriba.umcg.nl/eriba-career-day-2019/), Zpannend Zernike, which features experiments for kids, (http://eriba.umcg.nl/zpannend-zernike/, http://eriba.umcg.nl/zpannend-zernike-was-a-big-success/), and the development of our ‘Science in a box” concept, which allows lay people to perform regeneration experiments with flatworms.

The current members of the Outreach committee are (in alphabetic order): Annemiek Veldsink, Anton Steen,  Eugenia Goya,Josefine Hartung, Judith Paridaen, Karin van Wageningen, Katya Dvorianinova, Lale Güngördü, Maria Suárez Peredo Rodríguez,  Megha Pandey-Upadhyay , Soraya Wobben, Stijn Mouton,en Suzanne Couzijn.

Feel free to contact us at outreacheriba@umcg.nl for inquiries.

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