8.5 million for Healthy Ageing and vitality research

30 April 2019

The ERIBA/UMCG is part of a multidisciplinary network of Dutch institutions that was awarded 8,5 million Euro from ZonMW and HealthHolland. This large public-private partnership, involving the ERIBA spinoff Cleara Biotech, will jointly attempt to identify novel therapies to reduce muscle and bone loss in elderly individuals. Part of this effort includes the investigation of the effect of eliminating senescent cells that will be performed in the laboratory of Marco Demaria. For more information (in Dutch): https://www.umcg.nl/NL/Zorg/Nieuws/nieuwsberichten/Paginas/geld-onderzoek-gezond-oud.aspx

Figure: Senescent cells stained in blue with the lysosomal marker beta-galactosidase (Image provided by Dr Michela Borghesan)



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