Collaboration between MIT, Yale, and ERIBA results in publication in Cell Stem Cell

16 September 2014

Scientists from ERIBA contributed to an article published on September 4th in the journal Cell Stem Cell. The publication, title “The Developmental Potential of iPSCs Is Greatly Influenced by Reprogramming Factor Selection“, is based on research performed by scientists from MIT and Yale in collaboration with ERIBA. The authors show that the choice of reprogramming factors affects quality of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and describe a new set of reprogramming factors that can be used to generate high quality iPSCs.

Scientists from ERIBA determined genome stability and aneuploidy levels in single iPSCs. The results show that low quality iPSCs frequently display a trisomy of chromosome 8, which was not detected in the high quality iPSCs described in this article. High incidence of trisomy 8, along with other aberrations, could explain why the classical, low quality iPSCs have a lower potential for contributing to chimeric and all-iPSC mice.

Link abstract article Pubmed: 25192464

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