Free online course from ERIBA and University of Groningen

19 January 2017

On the 16th of January the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) and the University of Groningen (RUG) are launching the 4th edition of the course “Why do We Age? The Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing”. This course introduces some key areas of research into the biology of ageing.
You will study the current concepts and theories of the biology of ageing and will learn about the molecular processes that take place in the ageing cell. Together we will try to understand ageing processes as we know them now and possibilities to prolong the healthy and active life and maybe even to increase the human life span.
More information, a trailer and the registration form are available on FutureLearn website (

Curious about the course content? Here is a sneak preview on one of the topics that will be discussed. Link: (

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