H.G.K. Westenbrink Prize 2022-2023 has been awarded to Mandy Koopman

21 May 2024

The H.G.K. Westenbrink Prize 2022-2023 has been awarded to Mandy Koopman for her thesis entitled ‘From cellular vulnerability to altered circuit activity: a systems biology approach to study amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’. The research was conducted in the group of Ellen Nollen, Division of Molecular Neuroscience and Aging at the University of Groningen. The jury describes the research described in Mandy Koopman’s dissertation as very impressive and addressing an original question. The research is of exceptional quality and impresses with its breadth and also depth. The methodology developed and the different approaches taken to find means to address the complex disease ALS are highly innovative. The clear writing style and beautiful graphic design of the thesis make it a feast to read. The research has resulted in ten publications, half of which with Koopman as first author and several in top tier journals. During the doctoral program, Koopman completed a course in physical therapy. Mandy Koopman has also been active in science communication, at, among others, Het Klokhuis and as a speaker at NEMO. The Westenbrink award will be presented to Mandy Koopman at the NVBMB’s Spring Symposium in 2024 at the University of Twente.


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