Invitation : Open doors at ERIBA – Friday 9th of May

24 April 2014

We are all getting older, but why do some people reach the age of 80 without any health problems and others have to deal with all kind of (chronic) diseases? The reason for this has not yet been determined. Scientists at ERIBA are searching for the biological processes that cause human cells to function less efficiently with age, and therefore try to understand the biology of ageing.

Are you curious to know how you will look at the age of 72? Do you want to know where the healthiest people in the Northern Netherlands live? Do you want to have a look at a modern research lab?
Come and see us on the 9th of May!
Program (all in Dutch):

10:00 -16:30     Scientific exhibition at the science hall, including ‘The Ageing Machine’
11:00                Guided tour
14:00                Lecture by Floris Foijer, Principal Investigator at ERIBA, “Kleine foutjes met grote gevolgen voor kanker en veroudering “
15:00                Guided tour

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