Item on lab animals in ‘Jeugdjournaal’

26 April 2018

There is an ongoing and important discussion on the use of lab animals for experimentation. Some protestors wish for all animal experiments to stop immediately. However, currently, many animal experiments are still performed in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Why do we still need experimental animals, and how are they treated? Are there alternatives? To learn more about these important questions, NOS Jeugdjournaal (TV news bulletin for kids) came to the UMCG animal facility to have a look for themselves.

In the Jeugdjournaal news item, broadcasted on 24 April 2018, we see ERIBA scientist Judith Paridaen from the Laboratory for Asymmetric Cell Division in Development and Ageing at work with zebrafish, and zebrafish embryos.

You can watch the video (in Dutch) here, from 13.25 to 16.50:

complete delivery ‘Jeugdjournaal’

or here:

Item on lab animals in ‘Jeugdjournaal’


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