Judith Paridaen awarded a NWO VIDI grant

06 June 2017

Judith Paridaen, principal investigator at ERIBA, was awarded a VIDI grant (€ 800.000) by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) as part of their Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. The Vidi grant aims at supporting scientists who have carried out successful research for a number of years following their PhD and who, in doing this, have demonstrated the ability to independently generate innovative ideas.
Judith Paridaen is group leader of the Laboratory for Asymmetric Cell Division and Ageing. The lab works on stem cells in developing and adult tissues. These cells undergo repeated divisions to produce all specialised cells in our body. However, the number and type of produced cells varies between individual stem cells. In the Vidi project titled “The individuality of stem cells”, Paridaen’s team will study how individual stem cells determine their division outcomes, which will ultimately allow better predictions of stem cell progeny.

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