October 1: open house @ERIBA

20 September 2016

It has been a while since ERIBA opened its doors to the public, but on Saturday October 1 it is finally going to happen again. So invite all your family and friends, young and old, for an afternoon “Backstage in the world of Science and Technology” @ERIBA!

In the first weekend of October, over 250 companies, institutes, universities and museums in the Netherlands open their doors to the public for the event “Weekend van de Wetenschap” (Weekend of Science http://www.hetweekendvandewetenschap.nl/activiteiten/zpannend-zernike-eribaumcg/). Everyone is welcome to experience science and technology with interesting lectures, exciting demonstrations and fun experiments. In Groningen, this event has become very popular over the years under the name “Zpannend Zernike” (http://www.zpannendzernike.nl/index.php/zaterdag-1-oktober/12-eriba-umcg). And for the first time, ERIBA is part of this event! On Saturday October 1 between 12:00 and 17:00 our building will be stage for both researchers from ERIBA and the UMCG to show the public what our science is all about.

The ground floor will be the place to go for a “behind the scenes” of ERIBA research. Children (and adults) can feel like a real scientist in our workshop “how to use a micropipette”. Participants are stimulated to think about interesting questions like “how big is a droplet?” and get the opportunity to test their acquired skills on a real gel. For the Sherlock Holmes’ among our audience we present the “DNA Secret Message”. A puzzle game that challenges you to find the secret message hidden in the DNA code. Additionally, we have two demonstrations. “What does DNA look like?” and “Creepy Crawlers in Science”. The latter shows our audience what our smallest multicellular model organisms look like. And we shouldn’t forget the ERIBA Science Hall exhibits with ageing machine! Find out what you look like at age 72, and what is influence of your lifestyle is. Always a big hit.

The third floor will give room to all kinds of new (technological) advancements from researchers from all over the UMCG. Put on VR glasses to “swim with dolphins” and get totally relaxed. See how the UMCG 3D lab creates models that can provide insight in complicated surgeries. Improve your balance with an ice-skating computer game. And once you have seen what you look like when your 72 in the ERIBA Ageing Machine, you can experience what it feels like to be 72 with the UMCG Ageing suit. This, and much, much more.

And on top of that, every half hour a lecture (in Dutch) will be given by a researcher from ERIBA or the UMCG. We will keep our programme secret a little longer, but I can give you a hint on one of the talks: http://zichtoplicht.ddq.nl/ (a real scoop!) So we hope to see you all on October 1, for an afternoon of fun and science!


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