The Foijer Lab raises money for research into lymphatic cancer

19 March 2024

On the 24th of March members of the Foijer lab will participate in the “Hollandse 100” an event organized by Lymph&Co, a foundation that raises money and awareness for Lymphoma research. We will participate in the event and skate 5 or 10 kilometers and bike 45 or 90 kilometers. The money raised at this event will be used to support our lab at ERIBA, UMCG.

You can support us by donating here or here: thank you for your support!

Hear more about our research in this video (in Dutch) and watch this video about why we participate in this event.

The CINners @UMCG-ERIBA ( and half-CINners@UMCG-ERIBA (

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