The Jan Kommandeurprijs for students from Groningen

01 April 2014

ERIBA congratulates Chiri Loeters and Annabel Broer who won third place in theĀ Jan Kommandeurprijs 2014. The University of Groningen grants this award to secondary school students with an excellent scientific presentation. The two girls from Maartens College in Groningen were guests in the group of Liesbeth Veenhoff, ERIBA, and made a presentation about the ageing of cells. The judging panel had to choose between more than 50 essays.

Together with Martijn van Wijk / Reinier Goudswaard and Amy Pieper / Anne Siersema, the students from Groningen are invited to attend the International Conference for Young Scientist (ICYS) in Belgrade.
Click here for the video of Chiri and Annabel (in Dutch) and here for information aboutĀ  the Jan Kommandeurprijs (in Dutch).

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