Dutch Cancer Society funds ageing research

22 August 2017

The Dutch Cancer Society has awarded funding for the Calkhoven and Demaria labs in ERIBA.

The Calkhoven team (http://eriba.umcg.nl/groups/gene-regulation-in-ageing-and-age-related-diseases/) will use this funding to investigate the role of mitochondria in the maintenance of cancers that are driven by the oncogene MYC, aiming to identify novel therapeutic strategies.

The Demaria team (http://eriba.umcg.nl/groups/cellular-senescence-and-age-related-pathologies/) will study the role of cellular senescence during melanoma and focus on how senescent cells generated by ultra-violet radiation affect melanoma progression through the secretion of various inflammatory and growth factors. The Demaria lab will also be involved in another KWF-funded project in collaboration with Prof. Jourik Gietema (Dept of Medical Oncology, UMCG) to study the accelerated aging phenotype of testicular cancer patients.

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