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Genomic Instability in Development and Disease

‘Genomic instability leads to cells with an abnormal DNA content, i.e. aneuploid cells. As ageing is associated with the accumulation of aneuploid cells, genomic instability might explain why cancer occurs more frequently in the elderly.’

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  • Floris Foijer Visit

    Group Leader of the Laboratory of Genomic Instability in Development and Disease

    Research fields

    Mouse models for aneuploidy, spindle checkpoint, chromosomal instability, CIN, aneuploidy and cancer, aneuploidy and ageing

    Postdoctoral Fellows
    Maria Suarez Peredo Rodriquez
    PhD Students
    Andrea Tijhuis
    Anouk van den Brink
    Katya Dvorianinova
    Ruifang Tian
    Soraya Wobben
    Mathilde Broekhuis
    Laura Kempe
    Rene Wardenaar
  • Chromosomal instability (CIN) is a hallmark feature of cancer. CIN leads to cells with an abnormal DNA content, a state known as aneuploidy affecting >80% of all cancers. Paradoxically, in untransformed cells, CIN and aneuploidy decrease cellular fitness and lead to activation of stress pathways. This suggests that cancer cells have found ways to cope with the downsides of CIN. A better understanding of these coping strategies can lead to new therapies that target these mechanisms, and thus selectively kill the aneuploid cancer cells with fewer side effects on healthy cells.

    In the Foijer lab, we study how cells deal with chromosomal instability and the resulting aneuploidy, in vitro as well as in vivo, to better understand what discriminates an aneuploid (cancer) cell from a normal cell. Importantly, we exploit our findings to design new strategies that selectively target aneuploid cells and collaborate with clinicians to translate our findings into clinical practice.

    The work in the lab focusses on four main themes:

    1) Development of technology and in vivo models to faithfully model and quantify chromosomal instability and aneuploidy

    2) Understanding how karyotype evolution shapes the genome of cancer cells

    3) Studies of the molecular mechanisms that discriminate aneuploid (cancer) cells from normal cells

    4) Efforts to exploit our mechanistic findings to design therapies that selectively kill cancer cells that display a CIN phenotype


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    • Assoni AF, Foijer F, Zatz M. (2022) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, FUS and Protein Synthesis Defects. Stem Cell Rev Rep. Online ahead of print.
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  • Klaske Schukken (Postdoc at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, per nu)

    Daniel Warmerdam (CRISPR expert at Amsterdam MC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

    Stefan Juranek (Group leader, University Clinic Bonn, Germany)

    Judith Simon (Marie-Curie-funded postdoc at Bart’s Cancer Centre, London, UK)

    Weilin Liu (Postdoc at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

    Jorge Garcia-Martinez (Senior Researcher and Data Analyst at Life Length, Madrid, Spain)

    Yinan Zhu (Medical Advisor, Boehringer Ingelheim, Shanghai region, China)

    Bjorn Bakker (Postdoc Crick Institute London)

    Catalina Gaviria (Adjunct professor, University Antioquia, Colombia)

    – Irena Bockaj (UniQure, Amsterdam)

    – Narendra Chunduri (Scientist at Charles Rivers; Leiden)

    – Christy Hong (Postdoc Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York; USA)

    – Jonas Seiler (Scientist at Meatable, Delft)

    – Lin Zhou (Postdoc Boston University)

    – Laura Jilderda (Project manager at PRA, Groningen)

    – Ellie Huizinga (IVF technician at UMCG, Groningen)

    – Michael Schubert (Postdoc at Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam)

    – Sahil Gupta (CEO Prolevi Bio, Sweden)

    – Amanda Assoni

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