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Genome Structure Ageing

The primary interest of the group led by Victor Guryev is to study structural changes of genome and their role in ageing.

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    Group Leader of the Laboratory of Genome Structure and Ageing

    Research fields

    Genomics, Bioinformatics

    PhD Students
    Thamar Jessurun Lobo
    Stepanka Zverinova
    Yanick Hagemeijer
  • It is well known that diseases acquired with age (such as cancer) are frequently accompanied by dramatic changes in the genome structure. The striking recurrence of the characteristic pattern of genome changes for each disease type underlines that they are strongly linked to the disease development. However, what is not clear is to what degree these aberrations are causal for the disease and/or represent its consequences. With the recent advent of genome-wide methods for genome profiling, answers for those question fall within reach of modern Genomics.

    Further, effects of existing structural changes on disease predisposition, accumulation of genome changes with age and their somatic mosaicism require thorough investigation. These studies will help us to better understand disease progression, enhance our diagnostic methods and improve treatment strategies.

    The team will combine recent technological advances, such as high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics expertise to investigate dynamics of genome changes in populations and individual organisms. Exploration of genome alterations in model organisms and comparisons with data from human genomes will advance our understanding of formation, evolution and consequences of age-related changes in our genomes.

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