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The nuclear pore complex is the sole gateway to the interior of the nucleus and its function is essential to all eukaryotic life. The group led by Liesbeth Veenhoff aims to understand the role of the nuclear pore complex in cellular ageing.


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    Group Leader of the Laboratory of Cellular Biochemistry

    Research fields

    Nuclear envelope, nuclear pore complex, membrane protein traffic, yeast ageing

    Research Associates
    Anton Steen
    Postdoctoral Fellows
    Paola Gallardo Palomo
    Elizabeth Riquelme Barrientos
    PhD Students
    Sara Mavrova
    Tessa Bergsma
    Annemiek Veldsink
    Amarins Blaauwbroek
  • A main research line in the group is to understand the role of the nuclear pore complex (NPC) in ageing. The NPC’s function is intimately connected to the primary hallmarks of ageing of proteins homeostasis and genome stability, and several processes underlying these hallmarks are orchestrated at NPCs. The NPC’s function is compromised in ageing and age-related aggregation pathologies, and we aim to uncover the mechanisms responsible for NPC quality control. Complementing these NPC-centered studies, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of the cellular ageing process in general. Here, our strategy is to ‘simply’ observe how living cells age, and to quantify new molecular and physicochemical aspects of ageing. The group uses baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as a model system, and microscopic, biochemical and proteomics analysis are the main tools used in the lab.

    • Mouton SN, Thaller DJ, Crane MM, Rempel IL, Terpstra OT, Steen A, Kaeberlein M, Lusk CP, Boersma AJ, Veenhoff LM. (2020) A physicochemical perspective of aging from single-cell analysis of pH, macromolecular and organellar crowding in yeast. Elife.
    • Rempel IL, Steen A, Veenhoff LM. (2020) Poor old pores-The challenge of making and maintaining nuclear pore complexes in aging. FEBS J.  
    • Novarina D, Janssens GE, Bokern K, Schut T, van Oerle NC, Kazemier HG, Veenhoff LM, Chang M. (2019) A genome-wide screen identifies genes that suppress the accumulation of spontaneous mutations in young and aged yeast cells. Aging Cell.  
    • Rempel IL, Popken P, Ghavami A, Mishra A, Hapsari RA, Wolters AHG, VeldsinkAC, Klaassens M, Meinema AC, Poolman B, Giepmans BNG, Onck PR, Steen A, Veenhoff LM. (2019) Flexible and Extended Linker Domains Support Efficient Targeting of Heh2 to the Inner Nuclear Membrane. Structure.
    • Rempel IL, Crane MM, Thaller DJ, Mishra A, Jansen DP, Janssens G, Popken P, Akşit A, Kaeberlein M, van der Giessen E, Steen A, Onck PR, Lusk CP, Veenhoff LM. (2019) Age-dependent deterioration of nuclear pore assembly in mitotic cells decreases transport dynamics. Elife.  
    • Cabrera M, Novarina D, Rempel IL, Veenhoff LM, and Chang M. (2017) A simple microfluidic platform to study age-dependent protein abundance and localization changes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Microbial Cell.
    • Novarina D, Mavrova SN, Janssens GE, Rempel IL, Veenhoff LM, Chang M. (2017) Increased genome instability is not accompanied by sensitivity to DNA damaging agents in aged yeast cells. DNA Repair.  
    • Janssens GE, Veenhoff LM. (2016) The Natural Variation in Lifespans of Single YeastCells Is Related to Variation in Cell Size, Ribosomal Protein, and Division Time. PLoS One.
    • Janssens GE, Veenhoff LM. (2016) Evidence for the hallmarks of human aging inreplicatively aging yeast. Microb Cell.
    • Janssens GE, Meinema AC, González J, Wolters JC, Schmidt A, Guryev V, Bischoff R, Wit EC, Veenhoff LM, Heinemann M. (2015) Protein biogenesis machinery is a driver of replicative aging in yeast. ELife.
    • Laba JK, Steen A, Popken P, Chernova A, Poolman B, Veenhoff LM. (2015) Active Nuclear Import of Membrane Proteins Revisited. Cells.
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    • Lokareddy RK, Hapsari RA, van Rheenen M, Pumroy RA, Bhardwaj A, Steen A, Veenhoff LM, Cingolani G. (2015) Distinctive Properties of the Nuclear Localization Signals of Inner Nuclear Membrane Proteins Heh1 and Heh2. Structure.
    • Kralt A, Carretta M, Mari M, Reggiori F, Steen A, Poolman B, Veenhoff LM. (2015) Intrinsically disordered linker and plasma membrane-binding motif sort Ist2 andSsy1 to junctions. Traffic.  
    • Popken P, Ghavami A, Onck PR, Poolman B, Veenhoff LM. (2015) Size-dependent leak of soluble and membrane proteins through the yeast nuclear pore complex. Molecular Biology of the Cell.
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    • Laba JK, Steen A, Veenhoff LM. (2014) Traffic to the inner membrane of the nuclear envelope. Current Opinion in Cell Biology.
    • Meinema AC, Poolman B, Veenhoff LM. (2013) Quantitative analysis of membrane protein transport across the nuclear pore complex. Traffic.
    • Meinema AC, Poolman B, Veenhoff LM. (2012) The transport of integral membrane proteins across the nuclear pore complex. Nucleus.
    • Meinema AC, Laba JK, Hapsari RA, Otten R, Mulder FA, Kralt A, van den Bogaart G, Lusk CP, Poolman B, Veenhoff LM. (2011) Long unfolded linkers facilitate membrane protein import through the nuclear pore complex. Science.
    • Kooistra SM, van den Boom V, Thummer RP, Johannes F, Wardenaar R, Tesson BM,Veenhoff LM, Fusetti F, O'Neill LP, Turner BM, de Haan G, Eggen BJ. (2010) Undifferentiated embryonic cell transcription factor 1 regulates ESC chromatin organization and gene expression. Stem Cells.
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  • PhD students trained in the lab of Liesbeth Veenhoff:

    2012 Anne Meinema
    Postdoctoral Fellow ETH Zurich, Switserland

    2015 Annemarie Kralt
    Postdoctoral Fellow, ETH Zurich, Switserland

    2015 Petra Popken
    PRA Health Sciences, the Netherlands

    2016 Justyna Laba
    PRA Health Sciences, the Netherlands

    2016 R. Astri Hapsari
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia

    2016 Georges Janssens
    Assistant Professor – Amsterdam University Medical Center, the Netherlands

    2019 Irina Rempel

    Postdoc PU Galenic at Novartis NTO




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